This September, Cineforum ‘European Cinema: The Failed Canon’ will take place in Kriterion. Do you think ‘European cinema’ as an entity exists? We invite you to contemplate or contribute your perspectives on the (im)possibility of a European film canon.

Starting off with an opening night on Wednesday September 22nd, Cineforum will continue for two days on the 23rd and 24th of September, during which ten screenings will open the discussion to various themes concerning European culture.

Filmtheater Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, 1018WE, Amsterdam

Opening film:
La Grande Bouffe

Four well-to-do middle-aged friends gather in a villa to collectively eat themselves to death. A nauseatingly decadent suicide attempt, complemented by a trio of prostitutes and a spontaneously invited school teacher.

1973, France/Italy
Marco Ferreri

22 september. 19:30


Wings is Ukranian Larisa Shepitko’s first. The film is about former fighter pilot Nadezhda Petrovna who works as the principal of a provincial school, but is dissatisfied with her peaceful, everyday life with her daughter and misses her old job. The film shows the postwar restlessness of a veteran, combined with feelings of nostalgia and trauma.

1966, Soviet Union
Larisa Shepitko

23 september, 14:15

Handsworth Songs + Africa Is You (short)

Rioting broke out in several cities in England in 1985 – and it wasn’t for the first time. Racial tensions played a big part in triggering the clashes with police, the looting and the arson attacks. Handsworth Songs examines the unrest and its aftermath in Birmingham’s Handsworth district and in London.

1986, Great Britain
John Akomfrah

2016, The Netherlands
Linde Luijnenburg, Ahmed Magare, Dennis Mulder, Anna van Winden

23 september, 17:00

Bend it Like Beckham

The British-Indian director Gurinder Chadha made this coming-of-age story about sports, love and family in 2002 and opinions differ if this film has aged well. What we can already say is it’s lightheartedness, successful female football players and this chemistry between the two girl friends is uncommon in the current canon.

2002, Great Britain
Gurinder Chadha

23 september, 19:00


Yol shows the aftermath of the coup in 1980's Turkey. Five Kurdish prisoners are given a week's leave but only run into disappointments.  

1982, Turkey
Yılmaz Güney & Şerif Gören

23 september, 21:40

Eine Prämie für Irene + Britannia

Two shorts, of which the first, Eine Prämie für Irene, is meant as a critique of the traditional working-class film in which men predominate.
The second short, Britannia, casts a satirical eye on British cultural identity.


1971, Germany
Helke Sander

1993, Great Britain
Joanna Quinn

24 september, 14:30

Das Purpurmeer

Das Purpurmeer consists of images shot by Amel Alzakout with an underwater camera. The images were filmed from the Mediterranean Sea where Alzakout's boat capsized. In Das Purpurmeer, Alzakout tells her story to her partner Abdulwahed. They fled separately from Syria to Europe.

2020, Syria/Germany
Amel Alzakout & Khaled Abdulwahed

24 september, 16:25


In Calendar, the characters, played by director Egoyan and his wife Khanjian herself, go to Armenia to shoot pictures for a calendar. The film gives the viewer a better glimpse into Egoyan's identity as part of the Armenian diaspora.

1993, Canada/Armenia
Atom Egoyan

24 september, 18:45

I do not care if we go down in history as barbarians

The film has an alternative format: a play is the focus of the film, which is prepared and performed in a square in Bucharest. The play revolves around the genocide of Jews in Odessa in 1941. The actors, the city government, and the audience all have strong reactions to how best to stage and present this genocide.

2018, Romania
Radu Jude

24 september, 21:00


De film toont het verhaal van de 12-jarige Binti, die aspiraties heeft bekende vlogger te worden. Parallel aan dit wordt ook een zwaardere verhaallijn getoond: Het leven van de met uitzetting bedreigde Binti en haar vader, afkomstig uit de Dominicaanse republiek. 

Lees Meer...
2019, België
Frederike Migom

12 september, 12:30

26 september, 12:30